Anita Emerson Hunter

A Touch of His Love

Grace For Every Need

It was a crisp, cold morning.  A winter wonderland.  Globs of snow dangling from every tree. It was also the first day of my new job. But I didn’t have time to be nervous. Because as I drove the 30 miles into town, my heart was captivated by the grandeur of the landscape! Every single branch was filled with snow. Every one! For miles and miles and miles. What a sight! I thought, What kind of God can deliver snow to every branch … of every tree … in a single morning? And that’s when the Comforter whispered something to [...]

What An Hour Can Do

I asked her to join me for breakfast. I wanted so much to listen to her, enjoy her, and just bless her.  It wouldn’t have taken long.  Only an hour. But spending time with me wasn’t on her priority list.  She had friends to see, you understand.  And places to go. Now, I know it’s normal for a young woman to prefer her friends over her parents.  And, don’t get me wrong, I am not the clingy sort of mother at all.  But in that moment, in that situation, it did sting. Have you ever wanted to spend time with someone you [...]

The Mud Trench

Has the shock of a loss ever left you dazed? Even when you see it coming, it still whops you up beside the head and leaves you stunned, doesn’t it?  And it does something else. It plunges you into a mud trench. The Plunge I came into the chapel and sat down at the table.  With one man and four women.  As they told their stories one by one, I noticed something.  They were all stuck.  In their grief.   Five years.  Ten years.  Thirteen years! That’s when my insides exploded: Lord, I am NOT going to still be dealing with this [...]

What Do You Need?

What is your greatest need? I used to think my greatest need was getting God to solve my problems!  And I admit that I still feel that way a lot of the time.  But I am beginning … just beginning … to see that I need something else much, much more. Our Greatest Need by Max Lucado If our greatest need had been information … God would have sent us an educator. If our greatest need had been technology … God would have sent us a scientist. If our greatest need had been money … God would have sent us an economist. If [...]

What Are We Here For?

That lazy summer afternoon was going swimmingly … until I laid down to take a nap. Those darn neighbors were mowing … again! And blowing their driveway.  And blasting their music for the whole neighborhood to hear. So much for a nap. I went to another room and sat in the sunshine to pray.  But my irritation only increased.  I listed off half a dozen similar situations I was NOT happy with, and then asked in amazement: What is wrong with me? Why am I suddenly so frustrated? Why am I unhappy about so much in my life?! Ever been there?  [...]